1. Blue+Price Promise May 2016

    If you could save more than £1 a week elsewhere at typical use, we'll email you



    Average Direct Debit 
    costs at typical 
    consumption £999† 

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  2. Blue +Fixed Price January 2017

    Fixed energy prices until at least January 2017 with no nasty exit fees




    Average Direct Debit costs at typical consumption £1,055†

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  3. Standard (Variable)

    Variable prices  can go up or down. Competitive rates and no end date or contract renewals

    Average Direct Debit 

    costs at typical 

    consumption £1,164 

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  4. Blue+Fixed Prepay October 2016

    Smooth out the bumps with fixed prices until at least 31 October 2016



    Average Prepayment 
    costs at typical 
    consumption £1,238†

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Why choose EDF Energy?

Our price promise
With our unique Blue +Price Promise tariff, we’ll tell you when another supplier is more than £1 a week cheaper (that’s £52 a year) at typical useFind out more
UK Based call centres
All of our call centres are based in the UK
Electricity backed by low-carbon generation††
You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that our Blue electricity is backed by low-carbon generation††. Find out more

Ofgem typical use figures are 3,200kWh electricity, 13,500kWh gas or 4,600kWh for E7.

‡‡ Our Price Promise means we’ll let you know if another tariff has a projected annual bill of £52 or more cheaper at typical use, which we treat as being £1 per week or more cheaper. We include Direct Debit and dual fuel discounts we know of, not other benefits.  Ofgem typical use figures from 1 January 2014 will be 3,200kWh electricity, 13,500kWh gas or 4,600kWh of electricity  for Economy 7 customers.

†† Low-carbon electricity purchased for Blue is supplied into the National Grid. Blue customers receive electricity via the National Grid, not directly from low-carbon generators. 

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