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Fixed price
Fixed until Jan18 Fixed until Feb 19Not Fixed Fixed until Mar 18
Why this tariff?
It’s easier to budget and plan effectively with fixed prices until at least 31 January 2018More details
You’re guaranteed to have no price rises until at least 28 February 2019More details
Your energy prices can go up or down - with no end date you'll never have to renew your contractMore details
Smooth out the bumps with fixed prepayment prices until at least March 2018More details
Payment method
Direct Debit, Cash ChequeDirect Debit, Cash ChequeDirect Debit, Cash Cheque, PrepaymentPrepayment
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Enter your postcode for estimated prices

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Why choose EDF Energy?

  • We only have UK based call centres
  • All our Blue electricity is backed by low-carbon generation
  • Online account management
  • 14-day cooling off period

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