Why this tariff?

  • 12 Months of boiler and heating cover on us
    Save £134* as boiler and heating cover is included, subject to terms and conditions
  • Fix your prices
    No energy price rises guaranteed for 2 years
  • Reassurance
    Peace of mind and protection, you’re covered
  • Insurance Cover
    The insurance policy covers a domestic gas boiler of any age as well as standard radiators, controls and thermostats
  • Availability
    Available to homeowners who sign up to this tariff for Dual Fuel, who pay by Direct Debit or Cash Cheque


Payment method

You can pay monthly or quarterly by fixed amount Direct Debit, Cash/Cheque or Direct Debit whole amount.Paying by Direct Debit is cheaper because the unit rate is lower compared to paying by cash, cheque or prepayment. Please refer to the unit rate tool for further information.

If you want to pay by Direct Debit whole amount please give us a call on 0800 056 5927 (new customers) or 0800 096 9000 (existing customers).

Blue+Heating Protect is available to Dual Fuel customers with Standard and Economy 7 meters. For more complex meter types please call customer services.

This tariff is available for a limited time only and can be withdrawn from sale at any time.

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End of tariff

We will notify you between 42 to 49 days in advance of your tariff End Date. You’ll be able to change supplier or choose a new tariff from our other available tariffs at that time. If by your tariff end date you haven’t either chosen a new tariff with us or notified us that you will be leaving, then you’ll automatically be transferred to our cheapest evergreen tariff available at that time for your meter type and payment method

Terms and Conditions

By switching to BIue+Heating Protect you are agreeing to our BIue+Heating Protect full tariff rules. You can access these online at any time, or request a paper copy by contacting us free on 0800 096 9000. We won't make changes to your T&C's which are to your significant disadvantage without letting you know in advance and giving you the chance to end your contract and change supplier.

Whilst we have tried to summarise above the terms that we believe might reasonably be of most significant impact, all the terms within our full tariff rules are important and we appreciate that different customers may have different views as to what is of most significance to them. For this reason it is important that you read these terms and if you have any questions regarding them please let us know so we can clarify these accordingly.

We cannot offer any advice about the insurance package and you will need to decide for yourself whether or not it meets your needs. If you already have boiler breakdown cover you should compare benefits before signing up to this offer. The Principal Terms of the insurance cover are:
• The 12 months insurance policy will not start until your energy contract 14-day cooling off period has passed and the transfer of both fuels onto the Blue+Heating Protect tariff has been completed. 
• Confirmation of the Intana insurance cover start date will be sent with the policy documents. 
• The policy covers the failure/breakdown of your standard domestic mains gas boiler, standard radiators, controls and thermostats. 
• It provides cover for up to 3 claims a year, and a maximum of £500 per claim. If you need to claim, you will have to pay the first £50 of each claim. 
• The policy is underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch and administered by our insurance provider Collinson Insurance Services Ltd, trading as Intana. 
If you change supplier, change tariff or take any other actions which mean you cease to be eligible to be covered under this policy, we may cancel the Blue+Heating Protect insurance policy during this free period. If you wish, you may also cancel the insurance policy at any time. Cancellation of your insurance policy will not affect your energy prices or energy tariff and no refunds will be made as no premium has been paid.
At the end of the 12 month period, Intana will write to you and offer a further 12 months cover at £11.19 per month. You will be able to continue with the insurance or cancel your cover at this point.
There are other terms and conditions that apply to the insurance and these will be sent to you once your cover has been set up.
You will receive your full insurance policy documents and certificate from Intana within 30 days of your 14 day cooling off period ending. If you haven't received your documents within this time-frame or if you have any questions relating to this, please call us on 0800 404 7432

Your Full Tariff Rules for BIue+Heating Protect are available on the Information booklet link below.

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