Why this tariff?

  • Fair
    Priced 2.5% below the independently Ofgem set capped unit rate for the duration of the tariff
  • Protected Prices
    You will pay the same as Ofgem's published price cap prices for the daily standing charges in your area
  • No exit fee
    We wont charge you an exit fee to leave this tariff
  • Flexible
    Pay by Direct Debit or Cash/Cheque


Payment method

You can pay monthly or quarterly by fixed amount Direct Debit, Cash/Cheque or Direct Debit whole amount.
Paying by Direct Debit is cheaper because the unit rate is lower compared to paying by cash, cheque or prepayment.
Please refer to the unit rate tool for further information.

If you want to pay by Direct Debit whole amount please give us a call on 0333 200 5100 (new and existing customers)

Flexible Control is available to customers with Standard and Economy 7 meters. For more complex meter types please call customer services.

This tariff is available for a limited time only and can be withdrawn from sale at any time.

Already an EDF customer?

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End of tariff

We will notify you between 42 to 49 days in advance of your tariff End Date. You’ll be able to change supplier or choose a new tariff from our other available tariffs at that time. If by your tariff end date you haven’t either chosen a new tariff with us or notified us that you will be leaving, then You’ll automatically be transferred to our cheapest evergreen tariff available at that time for your meter type and payment method

Terms and Conditions

You can end this tariff at any time by giving us notice and there are no exit fees. For the duration of this tariff, you're guaranteed to pay a unit rate that is 2.5% below Ofgem's published Standard Variable capped unit rate. Your unit rate can go up as well as down but will always be less than Ofgem's published Standard Variable capped unit rates for the duration of the tariff. For the daily standing charges, you will pay the same rate as Ofgem's published cap prices in your area. You can view Ofgem's published cap prices at ofgem.gov.uk . Any price changes will take effect from the 1st of April and the 1st of October each year. We will contact you to tell you what your unit rate will be prior to the effective dates and your new unit rate will be set out in your Tariff Information Label.

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