Why this tariff?

  • Fixed Tariff
    No price rises guaranteed for the length of the tariff
  • No Exit Fees
    You're free to leave with no exit fees
  • Smart Meters
    Signing up to this tariff means you are agreeing to have a Smart meter fitted. If you decide you don’t want one, you will have the option to opt out at a later date


Payment method

Prepay Total Service is only available if you pay using a prepayment meter. If you don’t, your contract may end or change. This could result in a change to your payment method and/or charges (or both). You’ll get at least seven working days’ notice of this. If we make any other change to your disadvantage, we’ll tell you and give you the chance to change supplier. We’ll explain what you need to do and when, at the time. You are ultimately responsible for payments for any charges incurred in accordance with these terms.

If you want to pay by Direct Debit whole amount please give us a call on 0333 200 5100 (new and existing customers)

Prepay Total Service is available to Prepayment meter customers only.

This tariff is available for a limited time only and can be withdrawn from sale at any time.

Already an EDF customer?

View your tariff details | login to My Account to switch tariff.

End of tariff

In advance of the tariff end date we’ll write to remind you that your Prepay Total Service tariff is ending. You can then:
(a) switch to one of our other tariffs, as long as your new tariff is already available or becomes available within 20 working days of the end date (if you do so we’ll let you stay on your Prepay Total Service tariff prices until you move onto your new tariff);
(b) switch to another supplier (as long as they formally let us know within 20 working days of the end date that they will become your registered supplier within a reasonable period, we’ll let you stay on your Prepay Total Service tariff prices until your switch goes through); or 
(c) if you don’t do (a) or (b), we’ll arrange for your energy accounts to be automatically transferred on the end date to the most appropriate standard variable or fixed tariff that we have on offer at the time based on your current type of meter and payment method. We’ll include the prices for this tariff when we write to you.

Terms and Conditions

By switching to Prepay Total Service you are agreeing to our Prepay Total Service full tariff rules. You can access these online at any time, or request a paper copy by contacting us free on 0333 200 5100. We won't make changes to your T&C's which are to your significant disadvantage without letting you know in advance and giving you the chance to end your contract and change supplier.

Whilst we have tried to summarise above the terms that we believe might reasonably be of most significant impact, all the terms within our full tariff rules are important and we appreciate that different customers may have different views as to what is of most significance to them. For this reason it is important that you read these terms and if you have any questions regarding them please let us know so we can clarify these accordingly.

Your Full Tariff Rules for Prepay Total Service are available on the Information booklet link below.

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