Features and benefits of Blue+Price Promise

  • Fixed energy price

    Blue+Price Promise is a fixed tariff, giving you peace of mind that your prices won’t change for the length of your tariff

  • Blue

    Electricity backed by low-carbon generation 

  • No exit fees

    If you’re not completely happy, it won’t cost you anything to leave

  • A unique promise

    If you’re a Blue+Price Promise customer who signed up before 8 September, as part of this tariff we promise to let you know if you could save money elsewhere.

    We’ll let you know if a competitor or EDF Energy launches a tariff that’s cheaper by more than £52 a year – that’s £1 a week – based on typical annual use

    We’ll do this by sending you a price alert notification, by email, within a maximum of 12 working days of us receiving published prices from the relevant supplier. If you signed up to a Blue+Price Promise tariff before 18 December 2014, you can also choose to receive price alerts by post.

    We’ll include the name of the tariff and a link to our Blue+Price Promise calculator. You can then get a personal price comparison with tariffs that are £52 a year cheaper at typical use

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Blue+Price Promise Calculator

If you signed up to Blue+Price Promise before 8 September, you can use the calculator to get a personal price comparison.

Enter your tariff details below and see whether you can save more than £1 a week - that's £52 a year - on any other tariff at typical use.

If you know how much energy you use, you can check our price promise at that level instead. Please make sure to provide your consumption details below.

If you use one payment method for your electricity and another payment method for your gas, you currently will not be able to make a Dual Fuel price comparison below.

The comparisons given to you include all available discounts, including any available Direct Debit discounts.

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